Sawmill Collections

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200
We collect from many different sawmills which manufacture a range of wooden products. We provide this service for a lot of different companies from small joiners who only produce little amounts of sawdust and shavings, up to large international companies who will produce vast amounts each day.

We have 50 cubic yard extraction skips which can connect to the extraction system to collect all of the sawdust and shavings. There are also trailers for the large companies which are producing large amounts, these work in the same way that the skips do but on a bigger scale.

We collect all of the following material:-

- Soft Wood (Sawdust, Shavings & Off cuts)

- Hard Wood (Sawdust, Shavings & Off cuts)

- Mixed Woods


We will also collect virgin timber chips and sawdust, this would be collected via our growing fleet of walking floors and chip liners. All of our fleet is kept to the highest standard to ensure that we maintain our professional image and guaranteeing that the extraction containers are air tight.

If you would like to enquire about our wood waste collection services, please contact us Tel. 01942 882 667 or email