Wood Waste Collection


We provide a wood waste collection service for all types of industries, from somebody looking to recycle their wood packaging right up to some of the UK’s biggest transfer stations. We collect wood waste throughout the UK using both of these methods to the highest standard.

We collect wood waste in many different ways ranging from providing 50 cubic yard skips to stay on site, up to collecting the wood waste with 120 cubic yard walking floor trailers for large scale operations. Wood waste recycling manchester

We collect all of the following types of wood:-

- Soft White Wood Off Cuts

- Demolition Wood

- Mixed Timbers


- Chipboard

- Packaging Waste (I.e. Pallets, Crates & Wooden Boxes)

If you would like to enquire about our wood waste collection services, please contact us Tel. 01942 882 667 or email enquiries@bodensgroup.com