Haulage & Logistics

Wood Waste collection service for all types of industries across the UK

With our ever increasing fleet, Bodens can provide haulage in any capacity, whether it be bulk or palletised goods. Our ADR trained drivers can also provide fertiliser transport services under TASCC and FIAS accreditation.

Walking Floor.

Our walking floor trailers are specially designed to carry a wide range of bulk materials. With a capacity of 155 cubic yards, our larger trailers enable us to haul higher density products with a maximum gross weight  of 44 tonnes.

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Chipliner / Curtain Sider.

Our diverse curtain sider trailers are designed with load bearing curtains to carry both bulk shredded materials or palletised goods. 

Our curtain sider drivers are trained to deliver in a variety of different environments including distribution centres, farms and recycling centres.

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We are now running a fleet of 15 hook lift RORO skip wagons to service our increasing wood waste contracts. 

Our 50 cubic yard roll on roll off skips allow us to collect large volumes of wood waste on a daily basis.

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Shavings Extraction Trailer / Skip.

To fulfil large sawmill contracts for the removal of residues, we have a range of container sizes to suit operational requirements.  All of our trailers are specially designed to connect directly on to the extraction unit for ease of use and site cleanliness.

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8 Blower Trailer.

To ensure deliveries are made clean, bio-secure and at accurate volumes, our blower trailers are the perfect solution.

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Log Trailer.

Recent product development of our Smart Horse range has led us to diversify into the forestry sector by collecting round-wood directly from the forest using log trailers.

Haulage is also available for this service.

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Biomass Fuel

We produce different grades of Biomass wood fuel to fit the specification of any wood fuel boiler. All of our wood fuel is made to the highest quality to ensure that your boilers run in the most efficient and productive way possible, achieving the highest calorific value possible. We can produce the wood fuel in the form of a chip or a pellet and offer supply throughout the UK and into Europe, through our large logistics network. We can provide the wood fuel pellets in bulk or bagged into tote bags, for easy handling and storage. The wood fuel chip is supplied in bulk via our 50 cubic yard skips or our 120 yard walking floors. If the wood fuel is being supplied into Europe this is usually done on a large scale using large 3,000 ton shipping vessels.

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